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Empowered Lives - CQC - Rating - 2017 -
What we do?


We provide highly flexible and personalised, Personal Care and CQC registered Supported Living Services 

(CQC ID: 1-2029721817), our support is designed to ‘empower’ service users, to strive to be the very best they can and achieve everything they aim for. Success is achieved by setting realistic, attainable and measurable goals which translate to positive outcomes for the people we support.


We have an established approach to co-production and the service includes collaboration with community agencies with the ultimate aim of supporting service users to become valued members of our local community, of which we are an integral part and about the welfare of which we are passionate.



We are visionary, with many components of our service expanding beyond ‘traditional’ task orientation and instead being cohesive, inclusive, proactive and truly holistic. Examples of this include  obtaining funding for specialised courses for the people we support and working with local services and the wider community to ensure a true place in society for people with learning disabilities and/or mental health conditions and not just paying ‘lip service’ to the ideology.


To achieve our aims we coordinate and signpost opportunities whenever they present or seek these out where they do not. Much of our service includes signposting people to advisory services, such as advocacy support. We assist individuals to obtain work placements in local community shops and businesses and to increase and attain their educational goals; for example helping them join the local college of Art and Music, begin evening classes and day college courses. Additionally we highlight to service users, assistive technology, and emerging approaches such as social prescribing.


The way in which we deliver support to individuals is in response to their needs and wishes and we flex and fluctuate support both up and down, and if necessary, do so on a daily basis.


We provide services to individuals sometimes deemed ‘challenging’ by other providers, with great success.


We champion innovation and the modernisation of care and support services and strongly place emphasis on the aim that all support service should be more progression focused and for different service user groups this is represented by the underlying and following themes that run throughout our services, these themes are fully embedded into our policies and more importantly our front-line procedures, and this is; that support is focused on being:


  • Person-centred

  • Based on Enablement and Re-enablement

  • Rehabilitative

  • Recovery Focused

  • Focused on Skills acquisition

  • Focused on individuals’ assets (strengths and skills) rather than perceived deficits (needs)

  • Responsive to the Care Pathway Approach 


Empowered Lives services are truly bespoke, offering value for money for people, who may have otherwise required support through high cost placements.

© 2024. Empowered Lives Limited. Company Registered in England and Wales

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