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Supported Housing

We understand that one of the first steps to having a fulfilling and stable life is having access to good quality and appropriate accommodation, we work with trusted housing partners facilitating the development of supported living solutions that provide accommodation for those wanting to live in their own tenancy with and for whom residential care is not necessarily the best options.


Our intensive supported living services are tailored for individuals who may be stepping down from a residential service, or require additional assistance with daily living without the need for full residential support.


Our services provide single and shared self contained flats allowing greater independence, complemented by a care package with specialist on-site support.


Service users are supported to find suitable tenancies and will always have a separate contract for their housing and support allowing maximum flexibility and choice in how they wish to live their lives.


Types of Accommodation

This could be a shared or self-contained accommodation. All of the accommodation that we have access to have facilities that are clean, warm, safe and secure, with team members on-hand to assist when necessary.


Typically we have access to shared accommodation, usually a large house,Indistinguishable from others in the street, that has been split into semi-self contained flat-lets; each room haveing en-suite facilties and shared communal space, with individual packages of support being delivered to each service user all depending on the client group needs and requirements.


All the shared houses meet and usually exceed minimum standards as set out in the Health Housing & Safety Rating System and are licensed by the Local Authority as registered Houses in Multiple Occupancy. 


We also have access to self-contained accommodation for single people or couples in the form of small self contained apartments and houses


The services provided by our support team enables clients to safely maximise independence and foster self-reliance, which position our clients in good stead for future independent living. The aim is to improve the quality of our clients’ lives, assist them acquire or regain essential life skills, access opportunities, maintain independence and minimize potential homelessness or, in some cases, re-offending.


Floating Support

Support workers help clients through periodic visits in their endeavors to live independently, particularly where people have found it difficult to sustain tenures in the past. Advice and encouragement is provided to assist clients undertake applications for welfare benefit entitlements; accessing skills development, education or formal training for the purpose of future employment; facilitating access to necessary health or mental health services and addressing issues relating to well-being, health, confidence, finances, substance misuse and social needs.


A dedicated support worker from the floating support team is assigned to each client so that a meaningful, trusting relationship is built. Clients can expect to feel comfortable discussing issues in confidence with their support worker, who will be familiar with each of their clients’ personal circumstances.


One-to-one support is particularly beneficial in relation to identifying and assessing individuals’ needs, crisis resolution and early intervention. The aim of this type of support is to improve clients’ quality of life, sustain a positive approach to living independently and reduce the risk of future homelessness, offending/re-offending and substance misuse.






We currently have Vacancies in Shared Accommodation in the BD9 and BD18 areas of Bradford and Shipley


Call 07976 836 402 for a list of full bed vacancies in the Supported Housing Schemes. 








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