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Young Man in Therapy

The Recovery Model of Support


We support people in their recovery journey by focusing on strengths, courage and dreams.


Contrary to what many people believe, we know that most who experience mental health issues go on to live full and rewarding lives.


We believe that recovery is possible for everyone and it is Hope that is central to all the work we do.


It's estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime.


Empowered Lives is well positioned to help those people, their families and carers. We’re dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and removing the stigma that’s associated with it, we understand how important it is that those with a Mental Health Support Need have access to good quality support, housing, employment, meaningful lives and positive self-esteem to move forward with their lives.


Sourcing and having access to good quality accommodation is one of the key difficulties that needs to be overcome for a person to have good mental health, Empowered Lives has access to high quality shared and self-contained accommodation available to help overcome these problems.

A word from the management to those who wish to join us:- 

At Empowered Lives we understand that mental health challenges can arise from difficult life experiences. That's why we take a trauma-informed approach focused on healing and resilience.


Our compassionate team will meet you where you are on your journey and help you move forward. We partner with you to set your own goals and define success on your own terms.


Together, we'll uncover your strengths, hopes and aspirations. We'll work to increase opportunities for you to engage in therapeutic activities tailored to your needs. This includes evidence-based modalities like:


  • Mindfulness practices to build emotional regulation skills.

  • Helping you access and understand somatic therapy to process trauma stored in the body.

  • Art and music therapy to explore your creativity.

  • Ecotherapy activities like gardening to connect with nature.


Our holistic approach helps you develop inner resources to manage stress and thrive. We equip you with practical tools to shift unhelpful thought patterns and manage emotions.


By processing past hurts and gaining skills, you'll build resilience and self-confidence. We'll nurture the wisdom you already possess so you can live your best life.


You have an open invitation to join our accepting, diverse service. We look forward to working alongside you on your unique path to healing and growth.

Mental Health Supported Living Services

Intensive Tenancy Support


What is Intensive Tenancy Support (ITS)?

ITS is a service for people with complex mental health needs who are finding it difficult coping with their tenancy and are at risk of losing or abandoning their home as a result.


For instance, an individual may have difficulties around budgeting money, paying rent and other bills or keeping up with paperwork. Perhaps they are living without the furniture they need or the necessary utilities being connected such as water or power. Or maybe they are finding their tenancy difficult because they are lonely or need support with drug or alcohol dependency.


What support will they receive?

ITS is designed around an individual's specific needs. For example, it may be appropriate for the person to have daily contact with team members or maybe weekly, support from a few hours a week through to a 24 hour placement, together we can come up with a viable support plan 

based on their needs and interests.


We can offer a wide range of support, both practical and emotional, this includes:-

·         Help with sorting out their financial situation through grants or loans,

·         Filling in forms.

·         Talking to utility companies

·         Helping with cleaning their home,

·         Having someone to talk to and helping them to meet people in their community.

·         We can also liaise with other agencies and services.

·         Emotional Support and Practical help with coping strategies

·         Support to form a recovery plan

·         Support to maintain links with their CPN and their Care Managers

·         Support with budgeting and daily living skills

·         Support with climbing the "self-care ladder"

·         Help to maintain a healthy life



We also work very closely with multidisciplinary teams to ensure any service users that are on CTO’s or have a forensic history are managed in the most appropriate way.


Empowered Lives offers highly individualised and tailored support packages for service users who do not need the physical security of an inpatient facility but do require support for themselves in the community thus reducing the likelihood of relapse.


The comprehensive support packages may include psychological support and occupational therapy within a framework of bespoke risk management strategies directed by a NHS consultant psychiatrist (who may be the service users Responsible Clinician whilst in the community).


The delivered services provide rehabilitation in the individual’s chosen home destination thus eliminating the stress of moving.


ITS service allows service users to be referred from a range of inpatient facilities, thus freeing beds in-line with government targets. PCTs and Clinical Professionals can trust us to Provide Intensive Community Rehabilitation for patients being discharged from Psychiatric Hospitals into the community.


Empowered Lives is a leading specialist provider of individually tailored community based psychiatric rehabilitation service, it is this comprehensive community mental health recovery program within the service users own home providing bespoke risk management for complex needs, ensuring that choice & empowerment is key to a individuals recovery.


We understand that all too often patients return to inpatient services time and time again due to the lack of post discharge support and guidance. In short, the lack of direction in patients’ lives leads them into the "revolving door" syndrome of admission, treatment, stabilization and discharge.


Every six months we will review the level of support an individual receives. Our aim is to help them to get to the stage where they are able to self-manage their lives and with the right levels of support, develop a suitable support network and become more independent.


How can someone apply for this support?
Commissioning Care Managers can contact us by phone or email


I am a Potential Service User can I get in touch directly?

You can contact us directly but we will ask for background information about you from another agency or organisation.


Who can use this service?

If you or someone you are responsible for wants to be considered for ITS support, they need to:


·         have current mental health needs, requiring some level of support to live independently;

·         be single and aged over 16;

·         willing to accept support;

·         have basic living skills and have the ability to maintain your own home;

·         be able to take their own prescribed medication;

·         agree to follow our equal opportunities policy; 

·         be finding it difficult to manage on their own or maybe living in unsuitable accommodation (such as a bed and breakfast, residential home, or in hospital), waiting to get housing or at risk of becoming homeless or require help to find suitable housing.


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