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Professionals working with Empowered Lives


Empowered Lives is a leading specialist support provider that supports people with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Support Needs and those on the Autistic Spectrum. If you need to put a support package or contract in place locally we can help.


Why work with Empowered Lives as a support provider?


·         Tailored person-centred support for cost effective results

·         Proven ability to provide support services to those who challenge services. 

·         Experience in contract fulfilment and tailored support packages for individuals

·         Leading provider in the personalisation agenda.


How is our support innovative?

We’ve worked to develop new initiatives and pilot projects to meet a wide range of requirements. 

A key blockage for many services and potential services can be finding suitable housing. We can help – for example, we’ve worked with housing providers and the local commissioners to find appropriate housing as the first step to putting together a cost-effective package.


How can we support your team?

We work closely with Care Management Departments to take the pressure off their services. Our expertise in setting up tailored services from scratch means we can work with you, whatever stage you’re at. Our experienced support team work with people who have complex needs and challenging behaviour to ensure successful transition from treatment and assessment centres. 


If you’ve got any enquiries about making personalisation work locally and providing the right combination of support to your service users, please get in touch.

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